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1. Job Listings and Job Ads

Www.jobapplicationmatch.org makes available links to third party websites through our search results. Job listings and job advertisements are provided by third parties which include employers and advertisers. By using this site you acknowledge that Www.jobapplicationmatch.org has no control over the content provided by employers or advertisers. We do not guarantee or validate the accuracy or the availability of any job listing or advertisements. You are solely responsible for verifying the accuracy of any job offer which you find through this website.

2. Job Recommendations

Www.jobapplicationmatch.org may provide personalized results based on your usage of our website as outlined in our privacy policy. Your usage of the site may help train a machine learning system in order to provide the most interesting results to you and users like you. This includes the job searches you make, jobs you click on, and job titles you click on. The output produced by this system are solely suggestions and not guaranteed in any way.

3. Job Notifications and Communications

Www.jobapplicationmatch.org may provide job alert notifications by email and browser push notification to users who choose to receive them. We do not guarantee their delivery or receipt of such notifications. You may unsubscribe from email notifications at any time through the unsubscribe link in your email. You may disable browser push notifications within your web browser.

4. Salary and Other Information Provided by Www.jobapplicationmatch.org

Www.jobapplicationmatch.org may provide supplemental information to users for informational purposes only. Salary information is provided as an estimate only, based on publically available data. Salaries are provided for comparison purposes only. This information is subject to change and varying levels of accuracy.

5. Use of our Site

Use of any automated system to extract data from our site is prohibted. Access of our site through a third party interface other than the one which we provide is prohibited. Registration using an email address which is not your own is prohibited. If we receive requests which we believe to be malicous, requests originated from that IP address may be blocked or have its service throttled. We reserve the right to terminate access to our site at any time.

6. Use of the Site by Minors

Www.jobapplicationmatch.org is not for use by anyone under the age of 18.

7. Disclaimers and Warrenties

Www.jobapplicationmatch.org disclaims any and all responsibility or liability for the accuracy, content, completeness, reliability, or availability of information displayed in or linked from Www.jobapplicationmatch.org search results.


8. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

This agreement will be governed as to all matters, including, but not limited to the validity, construction and performance of this Agreement, by and under the laws of the State of Florida. You also waive any right to a jury trial in connection with any action or litigation in any way arising out of or related to your use of the Site or these terms of service, if you are located in the United States.

Last updated April 28, 2021.

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